Diamonds embedded with NV-centers for quantum sensing

The cost and lead times involved in procuring electronic grade diamonds, maintaining a cleanroom environment as well as the handling of customs is often underestimated in the creation process of NV-diamonds. Not to mention issues with the most sensitive step of NV-diamond production - low pressure high temperature annealing.
Room temperature
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Diamond size: 2x2x.5 mm or 4x4x0.5 mm
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Diamonds with natural abundance ¹³C (we also create NV-centers in ¹²C enriched overgrown layers)

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We would be a “one stop shop” and deliver acid cleaned and clean room prepared diamonds. For high resolution, weoffer NV-centers at a depth from 5 to 115 nm. Concentration can vary, we recommend a nitrogen fluence of between 1012 - 1013/cm2 to have NV-centers 10 to 100 nm apart. For brightness we offer 1 µm + nitrogen doped overgrown layers, or our special high light collection efficiency diamond.

Material description:

(100) surface orientation
background nitrogen [Nₛ⁰] < 5 ppb
roughness Ra < 5 nm


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