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12C enriched diamonds

We offer a diamond with a high purity (99.99%) 1 µm 12C overgrown layer either implanted or non-implanted.
Room temperature
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Diamond size: 4x4x0.5 or 2x2x.5 mm
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12C enriched diamonds

The diamond for less background noise and improved coherence properties

Shallowly implanted NV-diamonds are only a few to tens of nanometers deep and each NV-center has a sensing volume is analogous to this depth. Therefore, a practical way to reduce background noise and improve coherence properties is to have a thin 1 µm, as pure as possible layer of 12C enriched diamond at the surface. 12C is an isotope of carbon that is not “active” for quantum sensing techniques detecting magnetic signal using NV-centers such as correlation spectroscopy. This results in a “quieter” quantum environment.


1 µm 99.99% ¹²C electronic grade layer overgrown on electronic grade diamond
We offer unimplanted or implanted with depth and fluence of choice.


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