Medical imaging

Quantum sensors in medical imaging

Guiding surgeons and neurological diagnoses to improve patients health.


High-precision medical imaging

Medical imaging is crucial for guiding surgeries. Removing a brain tumor for example presents surgeons with great challenges: they have to do it without harming healthy brain tissue. It's critical to monitor the movement-related motor cortex among other things. Following surgery, the patient won't be able to move that arm if, for instance, a nerve channel from it is cut. Such nerve connections and brain regions are already being recognized and spared thanks to appropriate diagnostics.

Potential solution

Quantum sensors can image brain waves

Diamond-based quantum sensors sensor are built to create a magnetic image of an object that the sensor sees, such as regarding brain function and thus tell the surgeons more about the function of the respective brain areas. As a result, doctors will be able to plan the incision path more accurately and with less trauma to the patient.

Diamond-based quantum sensors will enable the creation of MEG devices that are significantly more compact and portable than those used now. They wouldn't require cryogenics and operate at room temperature. Furthermore, patients may essentially wear it and move around rather than remain stationary.

Magnetic image of brain function

The ability to measure the magnetic fields of the brain is theoretically possible because to advancements in diamond-based magnetic field sensor technology.

Room temperature, compact MEG

The device will be helpful in identifying early symptoms of illnesses like epilepsy, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.

Why it matters

Surgery and Neurology

Overall, diamond-based quantum sensing could lead to better patient care during high-precision surgery and in neurology.


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